What You Need To Know About Guilan University

What You Need To Know About Guilan University

This university has been founded in 1974, with a partnership with West Germany.

The university of Gilan as it’s obvious by its name is located in the green province of Iran, Gilan. It is also known as one of the oldest universities in Iran. Rasht, the city in which the university is situated (and the capital of the Gilan province) is known as the “City of Rain” in Iran.

Large swathes of the Gilan province are mountainous and forested, but there is also rice paddies, silk plains, mountain ranges and of course, Caspian Sea. The province’s coasts are idyllic and offer the ideal opportunity for students to swim, boat and play water sports.

Gilan university is the largest university in the north of Iran with ten different faculties and three research centers.

Offering bachelors, masters and Ph.D. degrees, faculties include science, engineering, agriculture, humanities, physical education, natural resources, art and architecture.

Spread over four campuses with a total area of more than 2.5km, the university accommodation can host almost 60 per cent of students and staff. There is also a range of facilities available on campus: restaurants, a medical clinic, a bank, shopping center and sports center, which includes a swimming pool.

It also has a department in Caspian Sea studies, due to its 30km distance from the Caspian Sea, the largest landlocked body of water in the world. Twice a year, it publishes the Caspian Journal of Environmental Sciences, an official publication of AUCRS (Association of Universities of Caspian Region States).

This university also includes 18000 active students 40 percent of which are in Ph.D. courses.

With more than 600 academic staff and over 700 free professors.

This university is offering above 80 Ph.D. programs, 173 masters and about 56 bachelor programs.


Guilan University


Engineering & technology:

*Electrical & Electronic Engineering

*Chemical Engineering

*Civil Engineering

*Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

*General Engineering

Business & economics:

*Accounting & Finance

*Economics & Econometrics

*Business & Management

Physical sciences:

*Physics & Astronomy

*Geology, Environmental, Earth & Marine Sciences

*Mathematics & Statistics



Social sciences:



*Politics & International Studies (Development Studies)

Guilan University

Life sciences:

*Agriculture & Forestry

*Biological Sciences

*Sport Science

Computer science

Arts & humanities:

*Languages, Literature & Linguistics

*Art, Performing Arts & Design

*History, Philosophy & Theology




According to global ranking this university has always been in the list of top universities in Iran.

Additionally, this university is responsible for the secretariat of Caspian Sea countries which includes 57 universities and researching centers.

It also has international relations with universities in Asian and European countries such as France, Germany, Russia, China, Turkey, India, Afghanistan, and Iraq.



*Note: the tuition fees below are considered for each semester



MASTERS:440 Euro

PhD:550 Euro



MASTERS:485 Euro

PhD:595 Euro