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About Us

About Takhtesia Fakher Institute:



Studying in China and India and getting acquainted with the rich culture of these two countries is the goal of many applicants in the field of science and research around the world. Hundreds of students and applicants from our beloved country of the Islamic Republic of Iran travel to these two countries every year to continue their studies.

In this regard, Takhtesia Fakher Student Deployment Institute, with an official license from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, has proudly provided valuable services since its establishment. This institute plays an important role in promoting the scientific and cultural level of students to be a bridge to achieve a brighter future for Islamic Iran.

Takhtesia Fakher Student Deployment Institute with experienced staff in the way of providing better and more specialized services to students and applicants, using the best standards of the administrative system and their implementation and the use of specialized software and automation system in Iran and vice versa in  India and China have made targeted and effective investments in this area, which in addition to the smooth implementation of the work process, has valuable benefits for applicants and students.

Applicants will receive the best advice and services to achieve their educational goals by referring to the specialized departments of this institute.

Official license of Takhtesia Fakher institute :


There are many institutions in Iran that may even have contacted you, all of which pretend that their activities are legal. while Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran is the only source to issuing and verifying licenses of legal institutions dispatching students abroad.

These ministry every year release a name list of legal institutions,and this list each year will be updated by them.

Accordingly only the institutions whose names are on the list are allowed to work as dispatching students to foreign countries. otherwise their activities are considered illegal.

so here, We are going to present you the latest update of mentioned list .

According to the list ,at the moment there are only 134 institutions which are allowed to work in this field.( any of this institute has permission to work on the mentioned countries.) and among those, only 7 institute are allowed to transfer students specially to China. and we are one of those 7 institution.(you can check it out)。


关于Takhtesia Fakher机构:


在这方面,Takhtesia Fakher留学机构已获科学研究技术部门许可,自成立至今旨在提供颇具价值的服务。该机构在提升学生的科学文化水平方面扮演着重要角色,为实现伊朗更加光明的未来而搭建桥梁

Takhtesia Fakher留学机构师资力量雄厚,经验丰富,应用最好的行政系统标准及专业的软件和自动化系统,旨在为伊朗的学生和申请人提供更好更专业的服务。反观中国和印度,同样在这方面进行了卓有成效的投资,保证了流程的顺利实施,对申请人和学生大有裨益。



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