Shahid Beheshti Medical University

Shahid Beheshti Medical University

This university which is briefly known as SBUMS is one of the three medical universities in capital city of Iran, Tehran.
This university was established in 1961 with the schools of medicine and dentistry and then in 1986 it began its activities independently in 1986 as Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science.
We can simply say this university is located in one the best locations in the capital of Iran, Tehran with the view of Alborz mountains
In addition to educating students, the university is responsible for providing healthcare for the five million citizens who live in the northern and eastern part of Tehran as well as some other cities near the capital.
SBUMS has many different rankings according to global ranking and its newest ranking is 1102 in the world.
Presently, the university benefits from 12 schools admitting students in a wide and varied range of fields from, 26 sub-specialties, 48 fellowships, 35 specialties, 49 PhDs, 15 MPH, 3 general medical fields (medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy), to 67 majors at MSC and BSC disciplines. The university also benefits from the full time and invaluable cooperation of 1410 academic staff including 209 professors, 403 associate professors, 738 assistant professors, and 60 lecturers in 2017 that educates and train more than 12780 students.




Reproductive Biology
Bachelor of Nutrition
Bachelor of Food Science and Industry
BSc of Midwifery
BSc of operating room
BSc of Anesthesia
Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Bachelor of Audiology
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
Bachelor of Optometry
Bachelor of Radiation Therapy Technology
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences
Bachelor of Health Information Technology(HIT)
Bachelor in Occupational Health Engineering
Bachelor Environmental Health Engineering


Reproductive Biology
Master of Science
(Pediatric Nursing)
Master of science
 (Community health Nursing)
Master of science 
(Psychiatric nursing)
Master of Science
(Pediatric Nursing)
Master of Science
(emergency Nursing)
Master of Science
(Medical Surgical Nursing)
Master of Science
(geriatric Nursing)
Master of Physiotherapy
Master of Health Information Technology(HIT)
Master of Clinical Biochemistry
Master of Medical Informatics
Master in Laboratory Hematology and Blood Bank
MSc in Ergonomics
MSc in Ergonomics
MSc in Health, Safety and Environmental Management
Master’s degree in Medical Education

Shahid Beheshti Medical University



PhD in anatomical sciences
PhD in Bacteriology
PhD in Parasitology
PhD in Physiology
PhD in Medical Genetics
Nursing & Midwifery
Rehabilitation Sciences
Allied Medical Sciences
Advanced Technologies in Medicine

*Clinical Specialty:


*clinical Subspecialty:

Cardiac Surgery
Anesthesiology or Internal Medicine specialty


Single channel recording of endoplasmic reticulum along with studying the possible changes of glucose metabolism in offspring of female diabetic rats.
(Dr. Afsaneh Eliassi- Dr. Homeira Zardooz)
Functional neuroanatomy
(Dr. Gila Behzadi)
Investigating the electrophysiological alteration of ion channels in an autistic animal model
(Dr. Mahyar Janahmadi)
Investigating the molecular and electrophysiological aspects of
(Dr.Homa Manaheje - Dr. Jalal Zaringhalam)


Fellowship of transplantation
Infection in patients with immunodeficiency
Neuro-anesthesia Fellowship
Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship
Fellowship of Pain Medicine
Cardiac anesthesiology
Kidney transplantation
Fellowship of pediatric orthopedics
Orthopedic fellowship of knee
Fellowship of hand surgery




We have many different schools in SBUMS and we are going to name some of them to the international students below.
School of medicine. 
School of dentistry.
School of pharmacy.
School of rehabilitation.
School of public health and safety. 
School of allied medical science.
School of traditional medicine.
School of nursing and midwifing.
Now is the time to let the international students know about the facilities and of course the welfare ones. It may be considered as a vital concern for all the students whether or not Iranian and non-Iranian.
They actually require the university prepare them perfect and convenient situation. At SBUMS we offer wide range of facilities like dormitories, insurance, transportation, healthcare and cultural student centers.


There are two dormitories available for our international students with a capacity of 60 girls and 56 boys and more than 16 studios for married couples. All rooms and studios of these university complexes are equipped by:  accidental insurance, prayer room, sports hall, computer site, library, elevator, heating services and air conditioning, internet and kitchen appliances.


At the student restaurants in SBUMS schools and hospitals, there are warm foods available for students and residents in two choices. At the dormitories, there are three choices for each dinner. The food (lunch & dinner) reservation system is intranet-based through e-cards. Nutrition consultations are offered by dietitians.  


All SBUMS students may use medical insurance. All students (whether Iranians or foreigners) are automatically insured as soon as they become SBUMS students.   

Shahid Beheshti Medical University



SBUMS students may commute at various hours from dormitories to schools and vice versa with different types of transportation like taxies, buses and also subway. 
Students won’t be bothered by transportation.
As we had mentioned in TUMS Tehran university, this university also has some different tour programs which is precisely focused on educational and cultural matters.
Currently Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science has announced more than 400 hundred seats available for international student admission in a quite wide range in different programs as subspecialty, fellowship, specialties, PhD, MPH, general medical fields, majors in MSc and BSc.


Bachelor of Science  (B.Sc.) 2500 4 Years
Master's Programs 3500 2 to 3 Years
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) 6000 7 Years
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S) 3500 5-5-5 years
Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) 7000 5 to 6 Years
Bachelor of Dental Science (B.D.S) 5000 5 year
Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) 6000 6 to 7 Years
M.Pharm 4000 6 Year
Ph.D. Programs * 4300 3 to 5 Years
Specialty, Subspecialty and Fellowship(Medical school) 4700 -
Ph.D. by research  4700 -
Master by research 3500 -
(School of Dentistry) MSc
(USD/YEAR) Residency
  Fellowship (USD/YEAR)
Orthodontics 19,300 12,700 - -
Periodontics 14,700 10,700 - 5700
Restorative Dentistry 14,700 10,700 - -
Endodontics 14,700 10,700 - -
Prosthodontics 14,700 10,700 - 5700
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Pediatric Dentistry 11,000 6,700 - 6,000
Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology 11,000 6,700 - 6,000
Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology 11,000 6,700 - 6,000
Oral & Maxillofacial Medicine 11,000 6,700 - 6,000
Community Oral Health 5,700 - 4,700 -
Dental materials - - 12,500 -