About Zanjan University Of Medical Science

About Zanjan University Of Medical Science

Zanjan university of medical science or ZUMS is located in the Zanjan province of Iran. 
The university was founded in 1987 with three main purpose in mind. First, to provide undergraduate and postgraduate courses to train healthcare specialists, second to focus on researches about different medical researchers and then finally to provide health services.

Courses are offered in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, health and paramedical science, midwifery and nursing.
The university has two hospitals on site, first of which is known as Ayatollah-Mousavi hospital that is considered in the top five hospitals of province, and is well-equipped with IVF center. This hospital provides health services and it is an educational tool for students.
The second hospital is the Valiasr hospital, with an A&E department, ENT clinic, breast screening, wound clinic and many other facilities to help the local community and educate students synonymously.
Zanjan University also welcomes international students to study and live on campus. There are also many opportunities for both students and staff to study and work abroad.
The university runs cultural excursions, different trips for international students to make them feel at home and let them get familiar with the wealthy culture of Zanjan.
Zanjan lies in the north-west of Iran and is abundant with cultural and historic attractions, making it a lively student area. For example, Zanjan has one of the most important archaeologic sites, the Dome of Soltaine which has been recognized by UNESCO World Heritage as having outstanding universal value.
As it was mentioned above this university has more than six schools:
•    School of medicine
•    School of dentistry 
•    School pharmacy
•    School of paramedical & health 
•    School of nursing and midwifery
•    School of nursing-Abhar
•    International branch


This university is ranked 1201-1500th   in the world university ranking.


Clinical, pre-clinical & health:

•    Other Health
•    Medicine & Dentistry

Zanjan University of Medical Sciences


Physical sciences:

•    Geology, Environmental, Earth & Marine Sciences
•    Chemistry

Life sciences:

•    Biological Sciences

Engineering & technology:

•    Chemical Engineering


•    Ph.D. | Molecular Medicine
•    Ph.D. | Medical Biotechnology
•    Ph.D. | Medical Parasitology
•    Training Program | Doctor of Medicine
•    Ph.D. | Iranian Traditional Medicine
•    Ph.D. | Pharmaceutical Biomaterial
•    Subspecialty | Endocrinology
•    Specialty | General Surgery
•    Specialty | Anesthesiology
•    Specialty | Obstetrics & Gynecology
•    Specialty | Pediatrics
•    Specialty | Infectious & Tropical Diseases
•    Specialty | Internal Diseases
•    Specialty | Psychiatry
•    Specialty | Radiology
•    Specialty | Cardiology
•    Specialty | Neurology
•    Ph.D. | Pharmaceutics
•    Ph.D. | Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
•    Ph.D. | Food & Drug Control
•    Ph.D. | Medicinal Chemistry
•    Master's | Medical Genetics
•    Master's | Medical Biotechnology 
•    Ph.D. | Pharmacology
•    Master's | Clinical Biochemistry  

What is needed for ZUMS admission:

How to write CV:

Curriculum Vitae

Your C.V. is one of the most important documents in your application. You must make sure that the information you provide in a C.V. is accurate, up-to-date and clear. It is through your C.V. that our experts and admission committee members get to know you.
There are different types and formats for a C.V. Each has different sections, all of which must be written and filled with adequate care and accuracy. At TUMS, we highly recommend and expect that your C.V. includes the following sections:

Personal and Contact Information, including:

 Name, gender, nationality, telephone/cellphone number, complete postal address, email address etc.

Education Information, including:

All previous education since secondary education/high school, beginning and ending year of each mentioned academic period, thesis title for thesis-based degrees, GPA of each academic period, attended seminars or workshops etc. 

About Zanjan University Of Medical Science

Publications (in case you have published academic work), including:

Published scholarly articles, contributions in scientific/academic publications, conference papers etc.

Professional Working Experience, including:

Places you have worked, you position, short description of responsibilities and duties, beginning and ending year of each job etc.

NOTE: Although all types of work experience are important, it is recommended that you give a higher priority to those jobs which have some relevance to your academic background or your intended academic programs in the future.

Language Knowledge and Qualifications, including:

Name and level of proficiency (beginner, intermediate, advanced, native etc.) of any language you know, name and score of any official language tests you have taken etc.
NOTE: As a minimum band score of 5.5 in IELTS, or its equivalent TOEFL IBT (minimum 69) or TOEFL PBT (minimum 525), is an admission requirement here at TUMS, it is highly recommended that you provide the score of any standardized English language test you have taken in this section. Write your TOEFL and IELTS scores in this part, providing the score of each test section, i.e. Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.

Notable Skills, including:

Computer skills such as adequate familiarity with different software, social skills such as public speaking and lecturing, language skills such as translation or editing, etc.

Honors and Awards, including:

Any notable awards, certificates or honors you have received during your academic career in contests, seminars, workshops as a result of high-quality performance or excellence in your specific academic field of interest or line of work.

Interests and Hobbies, including:

Academic interests such as various fields of study in which you are interested, research interests etc., as well as personal interests and hobbies such as music, sports, arts etc.

References, including:

Name and contact information (especially email addresses) of references, primarily your university teachers and professors or references who know you in a professional working capacity, i.e. from your jobs

How to write a motivation letter?

Motivation Letter:

Another important document in your application is the motivation letter.
This letter is of the utmost importance as it is the letter which primarily helps the admission committee members to become acquainted with your mindset and future goals as an applicant.
It is also the letter through which you have the opportunity to convince the authorities that you are one of the best among many other applicants, explain the rationale that why you should be chosen as one of the future students at ZUMS, and the reasons you chose ZUMS as your future academic destination.
We do not prescribe a strict and inflexible framework or format for motivation letters, as it is you who should write the letter in your own unique way. Nonetheless, there are certain points to observe which can help you write a more suitable and efficient letter.
Content: The content of the motivation letter is vital to the admission process. We suggest you invest a good deal of time on it. You will use your own unique writing style but make sure you include enough information about the following points:
Clearly state the level and program (major) of your choice.
Elaborate on the underlying reasons for your interest in that specific field. Make sure you address all aspects of the major or program you wish to study and explain how those aspects have become important to you.
Relevant to your chosen program, state your long-term goals and explain how those goals can be realized by studying the mentioned program and through studying in ZUMS. Focus on how you are going to use the knowledge you will acquire in your chosen program to make progress towards your future purposes.
Also, try and explain how your personal skills and motivation, academic planning and potential for growth make you the most suitable applicant among others who have applied for the same program.
Remember that you aim to convince the admission committee members by your skills, abilities and potentials. Making requests or appeals only serve to impair the idea of the members of you and weaken your status as an applicant with potentials.
Organization and Format: Besides the content, how you organize your ideas and statements is also highly significant. A great and interesting content written in a haphazard manner cannot carry much of an impact. Therefore, you should carefully observe the organization of the content in your letter.
Make sure your ideas are sufficiently explained and you have not left behind ambiguous or unclear statements throughout the text.
Organize your ideas with care and ensure that they do not contradict with each other.
Pay attention to the division of ideas and paragraphs. Avoid mixing ideas with each other or fragmenting an idea by putting it in different paragraphs.
Neatness and Order: Not only does a motivation letter depict your academic mindset and future aims, it also reflects your personality as a university student or scholar.
Neatness is highly important in your letter. It is highly recommended that you type the letter and avoid handwriting.
Make sure that the quality of the file you send is sufficiently high and the content is legible.
Also, proofread your letter once or twice and make sure you have not made any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Zanjan University of Medical Sciences

English language proficiency

In order to register at ZUMS and commence your studies, you must provide a certificate of IELTS with a minimum band score of 5.5 or its equivalent in TOEFL IBT (minimum 69) or TOEFL PBT (minimum 525) at the time of registration. Otherwise, attending English language classes is obligatory. These applicants are required to refer to ZUMS Intl. College at the time of registration and receive Exemption/English Classes’ Registration Certificate after attending the ZUMS Intl. College placement test.  
After the placement test, if applicant’s English language proficiency is not high enough to attend in the program’s English classes, he/she is required to pass at least one semester of English language classes before or during the academic program. This decision will be made based on evaluation and the placement test of ZUMS Intl. College, and based on the decision of ZUMS Office of International Admissions for international students.
The Placement Test and English Classes Expenses at ZUMS Intl. College:
English language Placement Test (1st time) costs $15 only and English Language Classes (all 120 sessions) costs $3,153. Please note that this fee is completely separate from the education fee or other tuition fees.

Persian language proficiency 

English is the language of instruction at ZUMS. However, students of M.D. and D.D.S. or other majors, in which having interaction with patients is a must, need to learn Persian as well at ZUMS International College. These students need to attend their Persian courses as soon as they start their education at ZUMS and cannot postpone it or drop the course at any time.
The Persian program consists of 6 levels, 60 hours each. For students whose mother tongue has a different writing system from Persian, a 20-hour course will be added to the above-mentioned program as a pre-requisite to the program.

For the Persian classes, students will be placed at the Beginner level by default. Or per their request, they will be given a placement test at the beginning of the language program and the results of this test will determine the course and level they must attend. The fee for taking the placement test for the first time is $15. Upon students’ request, retaking the placement test costs $50.
Afghan students, whose mother tongue is Dari Persian, are exempt from taking the Persian language program at ZUMS International College unless specified otherwise by Office of International Admissions.
Tajik students need to take part only in Persian writing courses at ZUMS International College unless specified otherwise by Office of International Admissions.

Tuition fee and other expenses

*Registration: 50 Dollars only once
*Furnished accommodation 1500 dollars every year
*Student’s Insurance 20 dollars every year
*student’s family insurance 15 every year
*visa for one-year stay permit 6 dollars every year 
*visa for student entry 50 dollars every year 
*first Persian language placement test 15 dollars first test
*Persian language classes 600 dollars 180 sessions
*first English language placement test 15 dollars first test
*English language classes 600 dollars 124 sessions

Expenses for graduate program

M.Sc. and Master’s: 2500 dollars for 2-3 years
Ph.D. 3500 dollars (duration will be determined by the department)
Specialty(residency) 3500 dollars for 3-5 years
Fellowship 3500 dollars 12-18 months (determined by the department)
Subspecialty 3500 dollars for 2-3 years

Expenses for undergraduate program

Doctor of medicine (M.D.) 3000 dollars for 7 years
Doctor of dental surgery (D.D.S.)  3500 dollars for 5-6 years
Pharmacy 3000 dollars for 4.5/5.5 years
Bachelor of science (B.Sc.) 2500 dollars for 4 years

Application form 

*Note that there is one application form for every student to fill


Some more great features about ZUMS

At the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, our goal is to give you more than an education. We want to provide you with the kind of knowledge, skills and confidence needed in your future professional life, but that can also contribute to solving global challenges. If you are looking for high quality education, find out why to choose the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences.

Inspiring study environment

The campuses of the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences are functional and offer diverse study and learning environments. You can study in versatile classrooms and benefit from state-of-the-art laboratories. There is also a modern library in the central campus. You can immerse yourself in discussions with fellow students and faculty members in the campus, virtual spaces or meeting places specially designed for co-creation.
As a student at the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, you have access to different electronic learning platforms and study materials are available in the library of the campus.
Due to the inspiring study environment at the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, this is our mission to see international students of the university rank our learning spaces, technology and our laboratories a top position.

A wide range of MSc and Ph.D. degree programs 

The Zanjan University of Medical Sciences offers different MSc and Ph.D. programs in English. The scope of the programs is to be completed with two years of full-time study. The wide variety of minor subject options allows a multidisciplinary approach and enables you to tailor your degree based on your own interests and strengths. All programs are closely linked to our research efforts that are vital to the future of humankind and aim to give you the knowledge and skills needed in your professional life.
Doctoral education at the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences is carried out under the supervision of motivated researchers in different schools. English is the primary language of study in doctoral education. 
Please note that at the moment the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences does not offer any Bachelor’s Degree Programs in English.

Equal­ity and re­spect for diversity

Equality is one of the guiding values of the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences. The university is committed to and intends to be a forerunner in the promotion of equality, prevention of discrimination and in creating an atmosphere of respect for diversity. It recognizes and eliminates practices and structures that create and sustain inequality. Equality and accessibility contribute to the quality of a multicultural and multilingual university community.

Support for your career

A degree from a top ranking university of iran gives numerous opportunities for your future professional life, and building your own career path begins already during your studies. What are your career goals and how can you reach them?
Professors at the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences can guide and support you from the start of your studies. Their services include career guidance and counselling, courses and events, and facilitation of mentoring groups for Ph.D. students. 

The government and university provide a platform for testing business ideas and move in towards the establishment of start-up companies through the mentorship of skilled individuals.

Learn from young and motivated scientists

For Ph.D. students all teaching at the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences is strongly a combination of research- and course-based education. Our philosophy is: “All teachers are researchers and all researchers teach". It means that when studying with us, you learn from teachers familiar with cutting-edge science. Students and researchers work together and the professors and teachers are easily approachable for discussions and informal consultations. This interaction between students and other researchers is an essential part of the academic life at the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences.

Blooming student life with good benefits

Student life is an important part of your study experience. At the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, student life blooms since you are likely to find like-minded people and the right activities for you.
Although life in Zanjan might be different from the country of your origin, the students will be guided to get familiar with Iranian culture for an easier life during their residency in Iran. Besides, you will have access to affordable student housing, basic health care services and student-priced meals as well as sports facilities.

Zanjan, a great city for students

Zanjan, a city located in the north of Iran, is a safe and cheap city. The beautiful green areas and wild nature of the Zanjan is a unique opportunity for outdoor activities of students.